Workshop: How to clean and lube your bike | Bike Radar

Do you commute? Do you ride gravel or MTB? I bet your bike is a mess from all of this winter weather. Give your ride a much needed cleaning and lube. Grab your "Washing-up liquid," and our pals from across the pond at Bike Radar will help you get things tidied.

1. Bucket; 2. Very hot water; 3. Washing-up liquid; 4. Brushes and sponges; 5. Old toothbrush; 6. Narrow flat-blade screwdriver; 7. Old spoke; 8. Degreaser; 9. Polish/detailer; 10. Grease; 11. Chain lube; 12. Rags

With the chain in the biggest gear, apply the mixture vigorously using a stiff bristle scrubbing brush. You’ll see a bright, shining chain emerge.

The best way to apply grease evenly to a cable is to first apply the grease to a clean (lint-free) rag. Holding the rag in one hand with the greased section between thumb and forefinger, gently pinch the section of inner cable in the rag and draw it through.
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