2014 Gravel Rouser Classic Recap | Athens Bicycle

2014 Gravel Rouser Classic: The Good, the Great and the Awesome

People must have been bursting at the seams to ride a bike after the long winter, because a whole bunch of them showed up at the 11th edition of the Gravel Rouser. We had record attendance for the 2014 Gravel Rouser Classic.
Thursday Night Moto Enduro
Way before the current trend of mountain bike enduros, there was (and still is) the format of motorcycle enduro, which requires you to maintain assigned average speeds across different sections of a mixed road/off-road course, with known and secret time checks along the way. This type of race doesn't necessarily mean that the fastest person will win, as it requires a little more thought and strategy. SE Ohio has long been a hotbed for motorcycle enduro racing, so we bucked the trend on Thursday night at Strouds Run State Park with a moto style enduro. Handlebar cue sheets led riders through the woods, where three secret checkpoints kept track of who was on time and who wasn't. One of the fastest men out there, Eric Hamann, kept his speed in check, coming in with a perfect score and starting his Gravel Rouser out on top of a podium. He was followed by Matt Fratczak in second place and Jeff "Well I'd rather get there too fast than too slow!" McAdoo in third. We are grateful to Jim Miller for helping us put this fun event together.