4 College Campuses That Can Teach Cities How To Do Transit Better | FastCoexist

As much as the college campus bubble might shield students from the “real world” for several years, it also provides a remarkable opportunity for transportation experimentation. Where city initiatives might get mired in local politics and die slow deaths, many campuses have been forced to innovate rapidly to accommodate growing student populations. Often that means they're putting progressive transportation systems in place long before cities get around to doing the same.
new report from the Frontier Group and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund takes a look at schools that are coming up with creative ways to solve their transit needs. From a massive network of pedestrian underpasses to bike valets on football game days, the report highlights specific approaches that could inform city planning or become parts of a larger infrastructure. Most importantly, research shows that commuting habits developed in college linger long after graduation--so campuses are often incubators of good transportation citizenship.