A Fatter Fatbike? Enter The Rungu Fat-trike

There are two models of the Rungu available. The above "Juggernaut" has three  26 x 4.7" tires, weighs in at 55.8 lbs, starting at $2,500.

The "Kilimanjaro" (above) has a 26 x 4.7" fat tire in the back, and  two 29 x 2.5" tires in the front, with two 100-mm Rockshox forks. They claim it has better cornering performance on the road, than Its fatter brother, the Juggernaut.  It weighs 53.8 lbs, and starts at $2,600.
From the the Rungu website:
A platform for adventure, Rungu Trikes offer mobility and stability where a bike can’t go and a car won’t go.
  • Three wheels – two wheels in front for stability
  • Low gearing for difficult terrain
  • Mounting points for e-bike kits and overhead racks
  • Fat tire in back for traction and control in sand and snow
  • Shoulder width front-wheel spacing to improve tricycle handling
Make new tracks. Ride Rungu.

The Kilimanjaro's steering system

[ Go to to riderungu.com to order yours ]