Bike Lane Safety Light-USB rechargeable

New USB rechargeable Bikelane. Sophisticated design and it is compact pocket size.

Super-bright LEDs, longer lasting, brighter bike lane, the bikelane will go some way to tackling two serious causes of cycling fatalities - being caught in the blind spot, or vehicles turning across an unseen cyclist.

“Our bikelane will keep the distance in between cars and bicycles”

This 'Bikelane' is designed to project a bike path onto roadways only. Much safer for cyclist to enjoy their night ride.
  • Two Highly Visible Red Lasers. (<5mW)
  • Equipped with 5 extremely bright Red LED’s.
  • Lasers make an instant bike lane for an enjoyable and safe night ride.
  • It is clear and visible even under headlights and streetlights over a mile.
  • USB Rechargeable (Rechargeable battery)
  • Weather and Shock Proof Polycarbonate cover with a attachment bracket
  • USB Cable included - FDA approved(A/N # 1280043-000) - Patent pending
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