Candlelight Vigil for Joseph Giampapa

There will be a candlelight vigil for Joseph Giampapa starting at 5:00 pm Thursday at the SE corner of Broad and High.

The purpose of the vigil will be to 1) honor a cyclist whose life was tragically cut short by a negligent motorist, 2) to peacefully demonstrate the need for increased motorist awareness of cyclists as well as the need for more and better bike lanes/paths and 3) to provide an open casual forum for bicyclists to gather and discuss issues related to bike safety.

For those wishing ride with a group, meet at Franklinton Cycle Works, 897 W Broad St, at 4:30 PM. This vigil is organized by The non violent political wing of the local Bicyclists Rights Organization (BRO). (Vigil will be up for several hours, come by when you can)


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