Cheapskate Father/Son MTB Bike Building Project | Quickdirt

Jon Clous's son helps him mow the lawn.
Jon Clous has been teaching his son about the ways of the world for years. Not sure if this lesson on lawn-mowing was about ingenuity or laziness? Jon, have you designed a gas-powered version of that?
Recently, I received an email from Jon Clous.  We are both on the Combo Mountain Bike Race Team.  He was sharing a photo of a mountain bike that he had built up from mostly used parts with his son.  I loved the father/son aspect of the story and thought it was a great follow-up to my recent essay on how cycling can set a great example for your children – 3 Reasons Why Your Cycling is Good For Your Children.
Jon’s son had outgrown his old bike and I love how he teaches his son some ingenuity and creativity to solve the problem.  There’s also a good reduce-reuse-recycle environmental lesson in there somewhere too, but maybe I’m reading more into it than I should.