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"Our heavy-duty cargo bicycle trailers feature an adjustable length and axle position, tie downs, stake pockets, and much more. They are available in three lengths, two widths, and two weight capacities.

Bikes At Work began in 1991 as a one-person, bicycle-powered local delivery service called "Fresh Aire Delivery Service." We originally started as a grocery delivery service, but eventually grew to providing curbside recycling pickup, newspaper and periodical delivery, local business delivery, and even a pedicab service. We have moved well over one million pounds of cargo by bicycle over the years.
We discovered early on that existing bicycle trailers were inadequate for the types of cargo we were carrying, so we began making our own bicycle trailers to meet our needs. Soon others began asking us to build trailers for them, too, so we started a second company, Fresh Aire Trailer Works, just to manufacture bicycle trailers.
This became confusing, so in 2000 we combined the companies together to form "Bikes At Work", a company devoted to providing bicycle-powered products and services to help people accomplish useful work.
Today, we primarily manufacture heavy-duty cargo bicycle trailers and related equipment in our small workshop in Ames, Iowa, USA."

Transporting produce to market

Enclosed box trailer

On the way to the beach!

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