Spot Rocker SS Ti

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.” Or just leave them all in the dust on the Rocker SS TI. From the first pedal stroke, you’ll realize it loves riding out front just as much as you do. With the Gates Carbon Drive Belt system and geometry that strikes a perfect balance between stability, agility and comfort, this 29er leads the pack the way a good alpha bike should.
Spot Titanium bikes aren’t just built with your next ride in mind. The unique properties of titanium allow us to create frames with unmatched durability and strength-to-weight ratios. And carefully crafted details like a tapered headtube and beautifully machined Kobe Slider Dropouts mean you’ll have a frame that will continue to perform and impress for a lifetime.
Spot has rethought the way a vertical slider-style dropout should come together (literally). Not only does it allow both belt-driven and chain-driven single-speed configurations, it also gives you the option to add a derailleur and "gear up." The unique compact system also gives you the ability to remove and replace the rear wheel without having to adjust belt tension. Add a redesigned super-strong frame connection to the mix and the Spot rear dropout system is the strongest, safest, least fussy and most versatile you'll find anywhere.