UK Man Builds 1/3 Scale PK Ripper BMX Bike Model |

Completed model in case

"Heres the deal, I'm a model maker and I've restored a few bikes. I've been making DX endcaps for people for a couple of years to help fund builds.
As I'm running out of space and more bikes costs more money I thought I'd make a 1/3 scale model. 
I started with the seat and tyre as my theory was that if I could make these two components the rest would be easy as the seat was going to be a bit hit and miss. In other words i had to freestyle it until it looked right and the tyre was also a bit of a headache being that I decided the best way would be to make the knobbies and stick them on separately.
The seat was made from a vac forming, I had to make a former slightly under sized to allow for material thickness then the shape inside was made. The rails are bent from steel rod and the guts were made on a lathe, I made all the little parts then cut the head off a tiny bolt and put nuts on the ends so it actually works like a real seat."

1/3 scale saddle

1/3 scale tire being built

1/3 scale handlebars made with brass tubing

Model in early stages

Note the size of the cordless drill in relation to the model
See completed photos here.

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