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Vuact Action Capture records video and sensor data and puts the data on the video timeline. You get insight into your performance.
How it all came about...
(Story from Kalle, Vuact's co-founder) A while ago on a bike ride, we stopped to eat some blueberries (yes, while mountain biking). It was a hot sunny day, the moss blanket was comfy and there were plenty of berries under the leaves. We sat for a while, and I half acknowledged a few wasps around us. Then a few more. And more. Until we suddenly realized we were sitting on a wasp nest. Instantly, panic took over both us and the wasps. We were running like mad with the yellow jackets stinging us left and right. When we finally stopped a good five hundred yards later, there were still a number of them hanging on our clothes.
Makes a good story but it would have been even better if it had been captured on video. Not that all of the mountain biking trips are always that eventful but you just can't recreate the crazy afterwards. And you typically don't want to go over hours of video just to find those exhilarating moments.
Meanwhile, we had already been working with video for years before we founded Vuact, a startup aimed to change video viewing experience with audience insights. "Great idea", everybody said but the only problem was the big video producers didn't really care about audience insights. "If only we could gather the data automatically", Mikko was pondering. It hit us then – what would be really valuable and fresh would be combining YOUR video and YOUR data for YOU to watch.

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