3-Feet Passing Law - Keep the pressure on, it's working!

3ft Passing - Ride Together

Thank you to everyone who signed our petition and contacted your state house representative in support of a state-wide 3-Feet Passing Law! It is having an impact. We learned yesterday that the bill sponsor, Rep. Michael Henne, is moving forward with the bill WITH THE MINIMUM 3FT PASSING REQUIREMENT. We need your help in keeping the pressure on to ensure the bill gets passed.

HERE IS WHAT WE NEED YOU TO DO: Call and email the offices of the following representatives telling them you want HB145 passed with the 3-feet passing law-
Anthony DeVitis – 1-614-466-1790, email here
Margaret Ann Ruhl – 1-614-466-1431, email here
Doug Green – 1-614-644-6034, email here
Ross McGregor – 1-614-466-2038, email here
John Becker – 1-614-466-8134, email here

Here is a sample talking point: A person on a bike is a legal vehicle on the road, we need policies that ensure bicyclists are safe. People on bikes are people with families who love them, friends who celebrate them, have careers that support them and have lives to live to their fullest. Honor those lives and help PROTECT THEM by including the language in HB145 that will make it a requirement for motorists to give people on bikes at least 3 feet of space when riding on public roads.
Forward any response you get toinfo@bikecleveland.org.