Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save The Economy | Experience Life

This book’s subtitle is a vast understatement: Author Elly Blue believes bicycles can also save us from healthcare woes, global warming, the energy crisis, community disintegration, and maybe much more.
She’s not alone: As H.G. Wells is believed to have stated about a century ago, “Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I have hope for the human race.”
Bikenomics isn’t sci-fi, however. Nor is this fun and fluffy beach or bedtime reading. Blue details and itemizes the bicycle’s super-hero potential in well-reasoned, well-researched prose.
Blue is a writer and bicycle activist living in Portland, Ore., whose writing has appeared in The GuardianGristBicycling, and Bitch magazine, among other publications. She blogs about bicycling and empowerment at
With Bikenomics, she’s written a community manifesto, summed up in her maxim: “The bicycle may not be able to save either the economy or the world that we have now. But it is one means by which we may be able to get through whatever comes next with grace and meaning. And it provides us with the opportunity to build ourselves lives, communities, and an economy that we can truly afford for the long run.”
And if you’re feeling inspired by Blue’s Bikenomics, check out her earlier practical guidebook, Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle), also from Microcosm Publishing in Portland.
The author, Ellie Blue

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