Cielo Tanner Goods Edition

There is amazing power in conversation. Afternoon coffees, chance meetings, handshakes, introductions, friends of friends, the like-minded find each other. Tanner Goods is part of our community, their ideals, grounded in the careful consideration of their product design and manufacture strongly resonates with the work and ethos of Chris King. Located close by, just across the river, we found ourselves stopping in to look at some pre-production samples or playing host to an afternoon of design discussion over a few shots of strong espresso, see more of that here. We developed a dialogue that was cultivated by proximity and buoyed by a shared aesthetic and our conversation resulted in the tastefully refined Tanner Goods edition Cielo.
Available in either the Cielo Sportif Classic or Cross Classic frame modules, the Tanner Goods edition comes outfitted with three exquisitely crafted waxed canvas and leather bags; a handlebar mounted bag for the your little necessities, a saddlebag to store the essentials for any unforeseen roadside maintenance, and a frame bag capable enough to haul everything you could need for the perfect picnic afternoon while doubling as a shoulder bag for browsing those pleasantly unexpected estate sales. Each frame comes equipped with Honjo™ smooth fenders that are painted to match and trimmed out with a rear mounted Tanner Goods leather mud flap. The attention to detail and the amount of care put into the production of these frames means there is always something to talk about and we would like to invite you to join our conversation.
Cielo Stem Option
Cielo is now offering Cielo Racer and Classic Stems made in-house by the Cielo builders. Both stems are available in a variety sizes and lengths and are offered in the full spectrum of Cielo paint colors to match your Cielo frame. The faceplates are available in the same nine beautifully anodized colors available on Chris King Components. Click to learn more.