Editorial: Build the Central Parkway bike path | Cincinnati.com

As Cincinnati officials have worked to increase the appeal and livability of the city in recent years, there's been broad agreement on the need to provide alternatives to driving.
As a result, Cincinnati's bike infrastructure has grown rapidly, with bike lanes along some of the city's busiest corridors. But these changes haven't come without fights, with the latest conflict centering on a proposal to build protected bike lanes on Central Parkway.
The bike lanes make sense. They physically separate bikes from car traffic by white plastic bollards, reducing accidents and the discomfort many people have when bikes and cars share a space. They connect neighborhoods like Clifton, Northside, the West End, Over-the-Rhine and Downtown, where high numbers of residents use bikes as transportation and not just for recreation. And they would likely encourage more development along Central Parkway, where buildings now are underused and where cars race by on their way to I-75.