Never Bike In The Dark Again With These Fender-Mounted Lights | FastCompany

The newest version of Revolights popular Tron-like bike lights lowers the price point so everyone can glow as they ride.

Revolights was a big hit when it launched in 2011. The unique-looking wheel-mounted bike light system raised more than $215,000 on Kickstarter, and more success followed last year with a second version.
What makes the Revolights different is, first, that the wheel-mounts create a single beam when you spin them fast enough (which is a nice effect). And second, that the beam is close to the road, which offers better visibility than some handlebar-mounted lights. The trouble is, the product is quite expensive. A clip-on version costs $229, while apermanently installed iteration comes in at $499. That's more than a lot of bikers want to pay.
That's why the Palo Alto company is launching a third, cheaper, product. It's called the Arc, and instead of fixing it to the wheel, you mount it to the back fender. It doesn't have quite the wow-factor of the other products, but it might keep you from being rear-ended in the dark.