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Look at the photo above.
What is your first thought?
Lots of ideas flashed through my mind when I saw the organic shape but bicycle was not one of them.
Arion 1 was designed by a team of engineering students from the University of Liverpool. The bicycle is more aerodynamic than most cars and the bicycle is encased in an inverted teardrop shell. This shape minimises the resistance and the bicycle  can reach a speed of 145 kmh(90mph). The rider of the bicycle is as low as possible and it may not be the most comfortable bicycle to ride.
Every year the International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA) hold a speed challenge in Battle Mountian Nevda. The team from Liverpool University hopes to pass the rigorous testing in 2015 and break the world record that is currently held by TU Delft and VU Amsterdam universities, which recorded a speed of 133.78 kmh (83.13 mph) in September 2013.

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