Fairwheel Bikes builds a 9.18kg fat bike | Bike Radar

Fat bikes are usually thought of as heavy and slow. They're also typically ridden in wintery conditions. Jason Woznick of Fairwheel Bikes decided to challenge both of those notions, however, with an ultralight carbon fat bike that will very likely never see a single snowflake.
"I had a couple of reasons for wanting to do this one," Woznick told BikeRadar. "The biggest was that fat bikes are fun, but in a place like Tucson there really isn’t a reason to choose a fat bike over something like a 29er in most cases. I wanted to build something that I’d want to take on rides rather than just always grabbing the 29er. To me a big part of that was building something light that handled and rode well. This bike simply makes me smile when I ride it and when I finish riding it, I still want to ride it again."