Hey @yaybikes members tomorrow is member event thanks @ElevatorBrewing @ChipotleTweets @HonestTea & host @Seagullbags

It's time to honor YOU, our members the ones who make Yay Bikes! the most bad ass, exciting  cycling collective in Ohio.  To honor you properly we'll be serving:
  • food with integrity from Chipotle;
  • artisinal-craft brew from Elevator Brewery; 
  • delicious, truly healthy, organic beverages fom Honest Tea; and
  • a short presentation with exclusive organizational updates. 
Simply choose the appropriate ticket, RSVP if you're already lucky enough to be a member, if not, purchase a membership. Feel free to add an additional donation if you love the work Yay Bikes! is doing and your means allow it. Not sure if your membership is current? Contact kathleen@yaybikes.com