Orbit City Bikes is Columbus' electric bike store #letsride

For Immediate Release
Thursday, May 22, 2014

Contact: Tom Bennett 614.284.1299

(Columbus) A new kind of bicycle store has come to Central Ohio. Columbus now has its first ever Electric bike store. Orbit City Bikes at 3030 North High Street, Ohio’s largest electric bicycle retailer, is celebrating its first spring in Columbus.

Orit City’s electric bikes or e-bikes have a battery powered motor that gives riders a boost, especially on hills. E-bikes not only empower seasoned bicyclists to extend their range, they allow older riders or people with mobility issues who can’t ride an ordinary bike to take long bike rides.

“About 9 years ago I started having arthritic knee problems that made it basically impossible for me to ride an ordinary bike.” said Tom Bennett, owner of Orbit City Bikes. “When I discovered e-bikes, it was like a new world opened for me. I was able to ride again. It was thrilling.”

Orbit City Bikes is located on the corner of N. High Street and Weber Rd in Columbus and is open from noon to 7pm Wed-Fri, 10 to 5 Saturdays, and noon to 4pm Sundays. Tom encourages visitors to the store to take a test ride.

“When customers get their first experience on an e-bike they just can’t believe how they can move.” said Bennett. “Everyone returns from a test ride with a big smile on their face. Most questions are answered with a test ride and people tell me how great it is."
E-bikes are great for the environment and great for the health of the rider. E-bike customers report that they frequently replace car trips with an e-bike trip.
An Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium study found that e-bikes turn people into daily riders. 55 percent of e-bikers rode their standard bike weekly or daily before the purchase. After the purchase, weekly or daily biking rose to 93 percent. Even the few (6%) who had never ridden bikes as an adult were now riding weekly or daily.
Visit Orbit City bikes on the web at www.OrbitCityBikes.com or on Facebook: www.facebook.com/OrbitCityBikes.


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