Portable bike # 14 | Drew's Mini Blog

Still rideable with your standard touring tires, but it gets more challenging down the trail.

Having ridden portable bike #13 for about 6 years, I came to the point where I needed to make a new one from scratch. The event that was a catalyst for this was my ride on the OC&E trail I did last year. The largest tires the bike fits are 50mm (2.0). It just wasn't a large enough footprint to ride on the surfaces I encountered on the trail. A bigger tire would make the gravely and loose sections easier to negotiate. So I figured I would make a new one with bigger tire clearance; having signed up for the Oregon outback ride (although I cannot make the group ride this year).  It will be easier to take Amtrak with this bike, just fold it up and put it in the luggage area as I board the train.

The new fork would be an inch taller. The rear triangle would need extra space. The new design would increase the folded size slightly, but it would allow for the fattest tires out there for the BMX size- 20x2.4 (or 406-65). Shod with 406-50 schwalbe big apple tires, the folded size would be 28x11x21 (that includes racks and fenders) on the new bike.   With the super-fat 20x2.35 BMX tires installed the folded bike gets about a half inch wider and taller, but the same width. Still meets the 62" length/height/width requirements for airline baggage andGreyhound bus.

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