100 Hoopties - Famous posters recreated with bike parts #letsride

E.T. (1982)
Original poster design by B.D. Fox Independent
Elliott and E.T.’s flight to the forest has been called the most magical moment in cinema. The concept for E.T. was based on an imaginary alien friend Spielberg created after his parents’ divorce in 1960. Spielberg said that E.T. was “a friend who could be the brother I never had and a father that I didn’t feel I had anymore.”
E.T.’s voice work was performed by Pat Welsh, an elderly woman who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Sound effects creator Ben Burtt also recorded 16 other people and various animals to create E.T.’s “voice”. These included Spielberg; Burtt’s sleeping wife, who had a cold; a burp from his USC film professor; and raccoons, otters, and horses.
Carlo Rambaldi was hired to design the E.T. puppet, whose face was inspired by the faces of Carl SandburgAlbert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway.Two dwarfs as well as 12-year-old boy born without legs,took turns wearing the costume, depending on what scene was being filmed. The boy actually walked on his hands and played all scenes where E.T. walked awkwardly or fell over.
Mars, Incorporated found E.T. so ugly that the company refused to allow M&M’s to be used in the film, believing the creature would frighten children. This allowed The Hershey Company the opportunity to market Reese’s Pieces. (Souce: Wikipedia)
Parts Used: Chain, Derailleur Cable, Derailleur Cable End Caps, Pulley Cage, Pulley Works, Spring, Schrader Valve, Bar End Plug, Brake Pad, Rubber Shim