16 Portraits of Stylish NYC Cyclists With Their Diverse Bikes | Distractify

Clothes can certainly say a lot about a person's preferred style, but photographer Sam Polcer has found a new way to gauge one's sense of style—through their bikes. He captures the diverse and eclectic style of cyclists in New York City for his book titledNew York Bike Style, documenting these fashionable people and their varicolored/shaped modes of transportation.
Quaddafi rides a custom single-speed tall bike photographed at Hudson St. and West 13th St., Manhattan going to Pastis.
Brian (with Fritz and Gromit) rides a Bullitt 11-speed cargo bike from Copenhagen photographed on North 6th st. and Wythe Ave., Brooklyn cruising around Williamsburg.
George rides a Brooklyn Bicylce Co. Driggs III 3-speed bike photographed at Crosby St. and Grand St., Manhattan going to meet a client in SoHo.
Chandra rides a Surly Steamroller fixed gear bike photographed at Doyer St. and Pell St., Manhattan going to buy thread at Oshman.
Shannon rides a LeMond Nevada City 21-speed bicycle photographed at Kent Ave. and S. 4th St., Brooklyn going to a Williamsburg Fashion Week event at Villain.
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