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Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle Review
This Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle is a simple, basic model – perfect for getting some fresh air or riding down to the community center where I volunteer in the summer. I hate to drive and love being outdoors, so this lightweight adult tricycle is a fun option for me, weather permitting, of course. I used to ride my bike, but as I’ve gotten older, I don’t feel as confident on two wheels like I did when I was younger.
Some of my retiree friends have adult tricycles similar to this one, it’s a good way to get some exercise without putting a lot of stress on my joints. My knees aren’t in the best of shape, so a lot of walking can really have them aching. Living in a planned retirement community near a small shopping area, 6-7 months out of the year, I use my tricycle. My favorite feature of this is the smooth ride on all terrain – I’ve taken it on grass and gravel with no problems. A lot of the bigger adult trikes cannot handle going “off-road”.
Dirt King Tricycle comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame – which feels indestructible. My girlfriend actually borrowed this trike for an afternoon to see if her son, who has a moderate form of learning disability, would like it and he had so much fun. He doesn’t have good enough balance for a bike, so this tricycle was a real treat for him. I know I love having it when my grandkids come to spend the weekend with me and we can all go out together for an after dinner ride and grab an ice cream and enjoy being outdoors. I even ride with the kids to the park – they tease me because there is no slowing me down!
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The adjustable seat and tilting handlebars made this adult trike very easy to find the right comfort level for me, I’m a bit short in the legs, so this feature really was a big benefit to me, I feel like a kid again, riding my Dirt King Trike everywhere, enjoying the summer and being able to get tons and tons of fresh air. It’s also a huge money saver – not driving the car everywhere, especially for all the little things errands like dropping something at the post office or visiting a friend.
The only drawback I can see to this adult three wheel bike is that it isn’t collapsible – it would be nice to take with me when I visit my kids for the weekend or want to go my favorite park in the next town, too far to ride, but it would be nice to have the option of portability. But, since I don’t head out there too often, it’s not a major inconvenience, just something that would’ve been nice to do once in a while. All said, Dirt King Adult Dually Tricycle is a comfortable ride and works great on nearly any terrain.

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