The Trail Map We’ve All Been Waiting For | WV Living

We’ve challenged you to a summer of outdoor adventure. The National Wildlife Federation has proposed a movement to get 10 million kids outside running, playing, swimming, and generally having fun, and in West Virginia we know there’s no limit to the opportunities to get a kid’s heart racing, young or old.
We also know it can be difficult to tear yourself away from a computer screen long enough to enjoy what’s just outside in your backyard—and today you don’t have to. In fact, we suggest staying online long enough to check out West Virginia’s new outdoor trail inventory map. Trust us—this thing is awesome. A project two years in the making, according to a Charleston Daily Mail report, the West Virginia Trail Inventory provides an overview of public trails, their start and end points, approved uses, elevations, and managing agencies. Just click on a trail of interest and all of the information pops up. [Keep reading at WV Living]


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