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Human-Powered Roller Coaster and Other Thrilling Attractions Await at Japan Bicycle Theme Park

The Gunma Cycle Sports Center in Japan may be the most eco-friendly amusement park in the world. As you may be able to guess from the name, every attraction in the park, from the roller coaster to the “steam” locomotive, is human-powered.  
Located in Minakami, a town located in a rural area of northern Gunma Prefecture, the park is a celebration of all things bicycle. In addition to the rides, there is a collection of strange and unique bicycles that guests can take for a spin on one of two tracks. They also host road races and other cycling events.
Shigenobu Matsuzawa, a Japanese blogger who travels around the country in search of B-grade tourist spots like this, visited the park earlier this month and was kind enough to share his experience with us.
Shigenobu arrived at the entrance, a large two-story building that appeared to be devoid of both customers and staff.
Stepping inside, he found that people weren’t the only thing missing from the inside. While display cases lined the walls, all of them were empty.
The exception being a few key chains hanging from the “souvenir stand”.
After wandering around, Shigenobu was spotted from across the park by a middle-aged man wearing a green vest with the word “STAFF” written across the back. Surprised, the man quickly called out to the other staff, “A customer! A customer actually came!” and rode up to Shigenobu on a bike.
The man then led Shigenobu around the park, showing him to the following exciting attractions:
■ The Human-Powered Roller Coaster: “Rolling Mountain”
Only 200 yen (US $2.33) per ride
That first drop is a doozy 
It was raining lightly that day so the man wiped the seat off with a cloth before riding
The pedals
The tires help you make it up the lift

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  1. Japan built an insane number of attractions in their 'Bubble' economy, now more than twenty years gone. There are scores of these places, many of them shuttered. Beside being slapped together out of concrete and rebar, the organizations which built these places didn't account for: the economy slowing, children decreasing, and any vacation lasting more than two nights being cheaper to do in Hawaii or Guam. The finest detailing is on this website, alas no longer posting:


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