It’s time to tone down the tirades against bicyclists

The very first thing the driver said was that he was sorry. He had been looking for an address on a two-lane road, and when he saw it he turned left toward it.

I was coming the other way on my bike.

He said he wasn’t paying attention to the road.

My neck was broken, my shoulder torn to pieces, my hand had a spiral fracture.

Six years later, my neck doesn’t turn like yours does. My handwriting has been transformed to that of an 80-year-old.

Stuff like this happens to bike riders all the time. Not everyone is as lucky as me. A lot of cyclists get killed — more than 700 of them a year — including some people I’ve known.

Am I biased? Sure. I ride thousands of miles every year. I also drive a car tens of thousands of miles. I will fly more than 50,000 miles this year. And I cover transportation for The Post. You could say I’m biased about every form of transportation, and you’d be right.

Here’s my bias: No matter how you go — bike, car, bus, train, boat or plane — I want you to get there safely.

I’m sick to death of people who take risks with other people’s lives.

And lately I've become disgusted with all the venom aimed at cyclists.

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