Real American Locks Up Citi Bike For Personal Use | Gothamist

Oh OK. (John Marsh)
The notion of a bike share program is one of democracy—a nominal sum is exchanged for the ability to borrow a bicycle for a short period of time, eventually leaving the bicycle for use by someone else. All of the bikes are the same, and everyone—rich and poor, tall or small, Lindsay Lohan or petrified child, must equally suffer the burden of figuring out how to dock them.
Unless, of course, you're the brand of real American who doesn't quite grasp the concept ofsharing. Spawned from a long line of descendants, the first of which probably landed at Plymouth Rock, enjoyed a territorial piss along the sandy shoreline and announced that all of this is "ours" now, one Citi Bike user has similarly placed a U-Lock on one bicycle over which he or she has decided s/he has rightful ownership. Yes, you pay the same membership fee as everyone else, but this country was not built on fairness or decency, and no one ever gets ahead playing by the rules.


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