Speak Up Columbus about the Green Memo III @ColumbusGov @MichaelBColeman

This survey is designed for the public to give their vital input on the upcoming Green Memo III. This Memo serves as a comprehensive and active outline of the journey the city of Columbus has taken and continues to take on our way to becoming more sustainable, since the introduction of Mayor Michael B. Coleman's Get Green Initiative in 2005.  It strives to facilitate a deeper understanding of our community’s needs and goals for the present and future preservation of our environment. 
We're putting this memo together; below are links to 9 sections of the proposed memo; please look at each section (which contains more details on what the section is about, goals, etc.) and complete the associated survey. Your completion of one, two or all of the 9 surveys, each detailing separate potential relevant approaches to different environmental issues, is deeply appreciated.


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