For those who find multiple gears to be an unnecessary luxury in the lung-searing, leg-numbing world of cyclocross racing, this is the single speed version of Giant's TCX SLR cyclocross bike. A prototype was ridden by Giant Factory Off-Road Team racer Adam Craig to his second consecutive title at the 2013 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships—where the after-party starts before the gun even goes off, the only sanctioning body is the heckling crowd and first prize is a tattoo. After proving twice-over that he is the fastest in the world when the derailleurs come off and the costumes go on, we decided to make Adam a limited-edition TCX SLR SS for SSCXWC14KY! 

(Filmed for entertainment purposes only on closed course with professional rider. Always drink responsibly, even when training for SSCXWC.)


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