13th annual Tour de Troit bike ride through Detroit expected to draw 7,500 participants | MLive

DETROIT, MI — The Tour de Troit annual bike ride has grown exponentially since it began in 2001.
The event drew 50 participants during its inception race and has grown into a community attraction that featured 6,500 riders last year, making it the largest bike ride in Michigan.
Vittoria Katanski, co-director of Tour de Troit, said 7,500 participants are expected at this year’s Sept. 20 ride that goes for 30 or 62 miles, depending on your route. Over 2,500 have already signed up.
Since 2005, the Tour de Troit ride has raised over $180,000 for the greenways network and non-motorized transportation projects in Detroit.
“Cycling in the city has been on the up-rise,” Katanski said. “It has become more visible to other people, too, and it’s providing an alternate method of transportation. Sharing the road is a very important thing for the city and for the people that visit.”


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