Airwheel Self Balancing Unicycles


Airwheel is the worlds leading producer of one and two wheel self-balancing unicycles. Airwheel is developed and made in Changzhou, China, and comes in several different models with both one and two wheels. Advanced gyro stabilizing software, combined with altitude control software from aerospace technology. Riders can control the vehicle by leaning forward or backward. Similar to the techniques of riding a bicycle, the riders achieve balance on Airwheel by slightly tilting sideways.
Airwheel is a green and smart vehicle, powered by electriciy, and can easily be carried into buses or subways, facilitating daily commuters. 
The airwheel drives at up to 10mph with a normal speed of 7-8mph. A warning beep is heard when speed gets above 8mph and the standing platform will lean gently backwards to avoid further acceleration.
The range varies from 6 to 25 miles depending on battery size, body weight, terrain, speed and temperature. The range of the Q3 170Wh model currently in stock in Oregon is 7 to 15 miles. 
In our tests measured with GPS, a 160lbs person driving in city with freaquent start/stops we have reached 7 to 10 miles on a single charge with with the Q3-170Wh model.
Safety is of great importance and the Airwheels all have safety mechanicsm to provide safe riding. There unit will beep and tilt slightly backwards to slow down the user when battery is getting low. It will also warn should technical error occur.
The lithium batteries are imported from Japan, and are made by SONY, SANYO or PANASONIC (depending on production date). They are rated for 1800 charge cycles, and are UN38.8 certified.


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