Seattle Designed 'Future Bike' Wins National Competition, Will Go Into Production

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out the video below. Nice work!
In case you missed it, last week we posted details about the Seattle designed "Denny" bicycle—the local entry in a country-wide compeition to design the bicycle of the future.
Thanks to your votes, designers TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycle have officially won the compeition, besting the other teams from Portland, Chicago, NYC and San Francisco. Fuji Bikes will now partner with Teague and Sizemore to begin planning the production of "The Denny," which is slated to debut on the market sometime in 2015.
"I just happened to be at the mall at the Lego store with my boy when I got the call," says TEAGUE creative director Roger Jackson. "I started jumping around with him like a giddy little schoolgirl. The response we've had is incredible—the video we posted was viewed in 150 different countries."
"I think the handlebar was the key unique feature that may have pushed the needle for us," Jackson speculates. The "Denny," which includes features like automatic gear shifting, electronic hill assist, and intelligent auto-adjusting lights, got the most accolades for its elegantly designed handlebar that doubles as a built in detachable bike lock...


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