These "Power Lanes" Could Charge An E-Bike (And Phone) As You Ride

By getting rid of the lead battery, the design concept aims to make electric bikes a lot greener--and a lot easier to use.

Most of the world's electric bikes--especially the 30 million produced each year in China--still use lead batteries. In China, lead production has caused mass poisonings, and recycling often causes even more problems when toxic wastewater is dumped in rivers. Though alternative batteries are becoming more common, they also have their own issues with manufacturing and disposal.
In Canfi's design, energy would be stored in a lightweight capacitor without the heavy metals or chemicals used in a typical battery. A simple attachment could be added to any bike to make it compatible with the system. A special bike lane, embedded with coils, would recognize the bike when it rides by, and wirelessly send it electricity. Solar panels along the roadside could provide enough power to keep the system running.

In addition to making electric bikes a lot greener, Canfi argues that the new system would be easier to use. Without batteries, e-bikes would be lighter, and you'd never have to worry about plugging in the bike to charge. As a bonus, you could also charge the phone or laptop in your backpack as you ride...
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