UPDATE: Camp Chase Trail - Columbus' West Side Bike Trail

Below: Camp Chase Trail retaining wall and gravel base before paving. Here, you are looking west towards Alton Road. Alton is where the paved section of the trail ends and this gravel section begins. The bridge being constructed over Hellbranch Run is behind me in this photo. The bridge abutments are in place and the prefabricated bridge sections have been delivered and are on site ready to be installed. I predict this section should be open all the way to Galloway by the end of this year.

Below: Here is the trail at Alton Rd. facing East. The trail is all gravel from this point.

Below: Here is the trail at Alton Rd. facing West. The trail is paved in this direction all the way to Cincinnati. There is no parking available here, we recommend parking at the trail head at Big Darby Creek and the Little Darby Creek on Alkire Rd. You can request a permit for overnight parking from the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park rangers, office or possibly the new nature center.

Below: You are here (click for larger version)...

Below: Galloway Rd. where it crosses the railroad tracks in Galloway. Crews are now clearing trees and brush eastward between Galloway Rd. and Norton Rd. Trail work is also in progress further east between Hall Rd. and (west) Sullivant Ave.


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