NEO's top transportation official declares "transportation choice equals freedom" |

At its annual meeting last week, Northeast Ohio's transportation and environmental agency,NOACA, brought a new emphasis to the area of its mission that would build a "sustainable transportation network.”
“Multi-modal assets give people meaningful transportation choices which equals freedom,” said NOACA Executive Director, Grace Gallucci.
“A network of infrastructure that gives cyclists more mobility would also bring more safety to pedestrians. We’re committed to building an 80-mile bikeway” in Cleveland.
The bikes are coming<br />The popularity of biking is surging in Greater Cleveland, and many cyclists are riding for real transportation, not just for recreation.
What would have sounded impossible a few years ago suddenly could be in the realm of the possible. Bikes and transit are being considered a real form of transportation in a region and state that has long treated them as afterthoughts.


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