PHOTOS: Downtown Roadway Improvement Projects

Roadways include Long St., Spring St., Summit St. and N. 4th St.
These are some of the photos I took at the Downtown Roadway Improvement Projects open public forum on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. These are just snippets of some of the large format prints that were on display for public comment at the Beacon Building, 50 West Gay St.

^ This image shows a bike lane on the right merging with traffic into a sharrow for a left-hand turn. This image also shows a green bike box in front of the crosswalk for making right-hand turns. The problem I see with that is vehicular cyclists would naturally use the right-hand lane for turning right.

^ This is another image showing the green bike box in front of the crosswalk for right-hand turns. The bicycle rider would be coming from the left, stop in the green bike box with their bike turned and proceed once the traffic light changes. Again, vehicular cyclists would naturally use the right lane (coming from the left in this photo) to turn right. 

^ This image shows Spring St. proposed bike lanes running under the railroad tracks near North Bank Park. The dashed lines show where auto traffic would cross the bike lane. I think these areas need to be painted green so auto traffic is alerted of crossing potential bicycle traffic.

^ This last image shows the bike lane on Long St. at Grant Ave. Notice the "tick" marks in the bike lane in the left of this photo. These diagonal marks indicate the door zone. Riders are expected to know and understand these marks without explanation or signage. One argument for these tick marks are that riders will naturally not ride over painted marks, much like the same marks that indicate drain grates, if you've ever experienced those on Dublin Rd. (Rt. 33).


  1. Here is a link to one of theeoject sheets
    Me. Braughton's email is

  2. Two-Stage Turn Queue Boxes


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