Stein "Hypercracker" Mini Lock Ring Tool

Since the original Pamir "Hypercracker" went out of production a couple of years ago, there has been no small, portable tool available that would allow on-the-road cassette removal. 
Such a tool is of vital importance to the touring cyclist, because it's the only way to be able to replace a broken spoke on the right side of the rear wheel, the most common spot for spokes to break. 
Jim Stein has come to the touring cyclist's rescue with the new Stein Mini Cassette Lock tool 
Although this tool is a bit more expensive than the original Hypercracker, it is lighter, smaller and made with more precision.
(Click images for larger image, detailed instructions)
Front View
Back View
Ready to Install
Wheel Installed
Tool half installed.
Removal Position
Turn pedals forward.
Tighteining Position
Turn wheel backward gently.

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