Elements: Smith Overtake Road Cycling Helmet

You wouldn’t think that you could shake up the bike helmet market all that much, but Smith did it this spring with its amazing Forefront mountain biking helmet and now it’s looking to do the same thing in road cycling with the Overtake. Weighing a scant 250 grams, the Overtake is constructed of a polymer called Koroyd, which Smith says absorbs 30 percent more energy than traditional EPS foam. That allows for less structural material, which allows for larger vents and a cooler ride.
The Overtake comes in two versions, standard and MIPS, the latter of which you might have heard about (and which you certainly will in the future). MIPS standards for Multi-directional Impact Protection System and consists of an inner lining that breaks away from the outer shell upon rotational impact, absorbing more energy with the helmet thus less with your noggin.
There are five colors available with MIPS, 12 without.


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