Kentucky bicycle case brings unwanted attention to State. | Examiner

Mark Twain was reputed to have stated "I want to be in Kentucky when the end of the world comes, because it’s always 20 years behind." A recent Kentucky court case may affirm his statement.
Cherokee Schill was convicted of "driving carelessly" for riding her bicycle in the right lane of Nicholasville Rd. In the State of Kentucky this is legal, however, she was convicted anyway and then arrested again. This time the charge was increased to "wanton endangerment".
Ms. Schill posted a video on her Youtube page that clearly shows drivers braking, driving erratically and passing her in the shoulder to avoid waiting a few seconds to pass in the left lane. Channel 27 News also showed video of Schill's encounter. Nicholasville Police Officer Grimes admits that the motorists were reacting and behaving in a dangerous manner but only Ms. Schill, the bicyclist was cited. "It could cause harm to others and she had knowledge of that, that's why the wanton endangerment charge came out," Officer Grimes said.