OhioRAAM Show coming to Bikes for All People on Saturday, October 25 between 12:30 and 2:30pm

 From Lee Kreider, Host  www.ohioraamshow.com
I host the OhioRAAM Show– an online show sponsored by Race Across AMerica (aka RAAM) Time Stations at Oxford and Blanchester Ohio.  

My assistant and I plan to be in Columbus this coming Saturday, October 25 between 12:30 and 2:30pm to record video for a show about the Bike 4 All People shop and program.

I'm contacting you because:
  • I saw in the shop's website photos which included some of your club wearing those stylish jersey's.
  • I rode with your club on TOSRV many years ago.  I see you formed in 1979.  I'm not sure if you rode TOSRV that year, but I saw you for a number of years.
  • I had the San Diego Club on the show last Spring.  You can see that show #28 here:
  • I would just like to get some video of you and let you tell about your club and Major Taylor.
  • I think you would add something to a show about the shop we want to highlight.
I realize it may be one of those pleasant Fall days and your members will be anxious to get in some serious miles.  However, if you could find one, two or more who could drop by the Bikes 4 All People shop during the above hours I would really appreciate it.

If you could, let me know, or just show up.

Questions?  Freely use my cell phone:  937-248-8769

Lee Kreider, Host  www.ohioraamshow.com