How I stole my bike back @BikePortland

Stole my bike back!-1
Found it! (Can you tell I was a bit nervous at that moment?)
It’s back! I found my bike and am happy to report it’s right here next to me in my office. 
Let’s rewind…
This morning I did something really dumb. I left my bike unlocked and unattended on SW 4th Avenue for several hours. And, not surprisingly, it was stolen. OK, now that I shared that very embarrassing fact, here’s what’s happened since…
After trying to catch my breath and calling Juli sobbing like a little baby at my luck and stupidity, here’s what I did:
I spread the word as far and wide as I could. Facebook, Twitter, and here on the Front Page. I also made a listing on the Bike Index. Thanks to many kind people, the word got out quickly and I felt pretty hopeful that it would turn up. I’ve written about many recoveries over the years and I know that hustling and spreading the word is the best way to get bikes back. I also had a lot going for me in that the bike is very distinctive (one-of-a-kind), I know a lot of people in this town, and I have a fair bit of good stolen bike karma working in my favor.