New York City lowered its speed limit to 25. Other cities should do it too. @voxdotcom

Earlier this month, New York City lowered its citywide speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 25. This means that anywhere that a specific speed limit isn't posted, the default is 25 (but if a slower or higher one is posted, drivers must follow that instead).
The move is part of Vision Zero, the city's initiative to reduce pedestrian traffic deaths and injuries. Critics said the measure reflects Mayor Bill de Blasio's efforts to "demonize speed" — and that, in a city choked with traffic, it's only fair to let cars to travel at a meager 30 miles per hour when they happen to hit an open stretch of road.
But here's the thing: research unequivocally tells us that this measure will save lives and reduce injuries among both drivers and pedestrians — so long as it's successfully enforced. If anything, New York should have gone further, reducing speed limits to 20.


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