Pininfarina Fuoriserie

The Thirties come alive on two wheels

Pininfarina took inspiration from the iconic tailor – made cars of the Thirties, to create an elegant and pure shape enriched by the combination of modern and classical materials. The frame is in fact made of tubes in chromed steel hand- made weld by skilled artisans and adorned by a walnut briar-root coating. References to the heritage are also detectable in the handlebars and in the seat, dressed with a The Bridge leather whose inspiration comes from the interlaced leather used in the interiors of the Lancia Astura Bocca, an iconic model designed by Pininfarina in 1936. Several are the innovations acting as counterpart to the tradition.

The booster system Bike+, that optimizes the cyclist’s energy through a miniaturized electric engine, allowing the rider to cover longer distances and to replace other means of transportation.  The led lighting system based on a brand-new high performance lamp. The “connect the plug system” to recharge the mobile phones through the dynamo.  The uniqueness of the bike is enhanced by custom-made bags  realized by The Bridge and by the Pininfarina logo engraved on the brake knobs. The bike will be produced in a limited edition of 30 units referring to the ‘Thirties, in which Pininfarina was founded and the years which gave life to outstanding cars as the Lancia Astura Bocca.

 Frame made of steel tubes Deda ZERO DR with hand-made microcast welds . Integral chrome plating
- Family of weldless tubes made of steel 25CrMo4 hardened in oil at 880° C and recovered in a controlled atmosphere. The accurate process of temper (TR state ) achieves tensile strengths up to 1350 N/mm2, with a strong homogeneity of crystalline grain. All transactions are followed by treatment of strain relaxation, to minimize residual stresses.
- Lining( Chainset ) BLB Track Vera
- Brake System: Brake Caliper Campagnolo Veloce
- Lighting system Made in Germany by Supernova based on the new high-performance lamp E3 Pure 205 lumens entirely in aluminum and the hub dynamo to Infinity S
- Wheels:  H+Son Sl 42  (rear) and TB14 (front ) in the new G609 aluminum alloy. Wheight: 415 grams
- Tires: Panaracer Ribmo 28 " reinforced with Kevlar anti-puncture
- Saddle covered with interlaced leather model The Bridge BLB Mosquito 
- Handlebars Porteur interlaced leather The Bridge
- Booster Propulsion system based on miniaturized electric motor with proprietary technology Zehus spin-off of Politecnico di Milano 
- Walnut briar-root coating
- Brake knobs engraved with a chisel and hammer Engraving technique 
- Brake Cables Nokon Carl Stahl

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