Staff Picks: Winter Tires | Tree Fort Bikes Blog

It’s finally Ypsi’s turn to get the snow dump. With a slow Saturday in the store, Juan and Jesse set out to find their new best friend.

Up for the test: Continental Tour Ride; Continental Top Contact; 45 Nrth Gravdal; 45 Nrth Xerxes.

For many of us here at the shop, this is the first season we’re running dedicated winter tires on our commuters, so we began our frosty day with more curiosity than experience. We choose a diverse tire set to play around with speed and traction variables, and after plowing the drifts for an afternoon, we got a basic feel for ride qualities within our sample group, comparing differences between studded and studless treads, wider and narrower widths, and pitting all-purpose tires against the dedicated winters. Rated from Not Bad to Most Awesome, here’s our take...

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