Like Bike is a little different from most bike shows, in that it celebrates the most luxurious and expensive bikes on the market – and that it takes place in Monte Carlo.
With prices ranging from costly to mind-bendingly expensive, the show offers plenty of drool-inducing bike porn to lust over. Here, in ascending order are 10 of the most expensive bikes that will be on show from 3 to 5 April at Like Bike.

Besv Lion LX1 

The first e-bike on our list has a beam-style design with an aluminium frame that’s produced using the same manufacturing process as Moto GP bikes. 
The Lion LX1’s electric motor sits on the rear wheel for maximum efficiency. This is further enhanced by SmartMode, which takes into account current riding conditions to provide power intelligently as you ride. A high-power headlight is incorporated into the stem, and there’s also a large display on the top giving ride and bike data. It’s also got a key-turn start, which is just cool. 
£2,991 / US$4,528 / AU$5,769 / €4,000