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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A SKEPTICS’ GUIDE TO FAT BIKING @TetonGravity #letsride

Jackson Hole mountain biker and TGR member Garrick Tischler hammers down the Hagen trail in Jackson this past weekend at the annual Fat Bike Summit. Ryan Dunfee photo.
When it comes to mountain bikes, I'm a strong ally of the sport's currently most-hyped bike category: the 150mm-travel, 27.5"-wheeled, dropper post-equipped carbon fiber enduro do-anything-and-everything-well quiver-killing wünderbikes. They go fast, look sexy, jump well, climb well, destroy corners and rock gardens, and drain wallets almost as fast as they blast downhills. They're goddamn fun to ride, and leave me wanting no other category of bike in the garage. Not that I could afford to add to the stable after blowing all my fun money on one, but others seem to be able to pull it off.


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