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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bikepacking X Europe part 8: Home

Bikepacking X Europe part 8: Home from Marc Altena on Vimeo.
Last leg of my solo, unsupported and off-road bikepacking trip from the Mediterranean to the North Sea. Autumn is closing in while I make my way through the wet forest of the Ardennes, along the Ourthe, to finally see the dutch lowlands stretch out before me. Under grey skies I cycle north, to the island of Ameland, where to sun pops through the clouds and bathes the sea in a silvery light.

Tripod and handheld shots: Panasonis Lumix DMC-G6, 1080p, 50fps
Helmet shots: Gopro Hero3+ black 1080p Protune 50fps
Editing: Gopro Studio and Corel Video Studio Pro
Music: Jack White - Wayfaring stranger


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