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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Connecting a Town with Singletrack Sidewalks @

Some towns aim to become more “walkable.” One Colorado town has gone the two-wheeled route by becoming more “mountain bike-able.”
Eagle, Colorado, a 7,000-person town between Vail and Aspen, already has its share of walking paths and bike lanes, but its newest project will allow mountain bikers to ride from their driveways to the trails, and for kids to ride from their homes to school—all on singletrack. The town unanimously approved the project, called Singletrack Sidewalks, in November, and organizers have started preliminary work for the first part of the network, which will lead from a neighborhood to an elementary school. The new trail addition is only half a mile, but connects an existing network of organic trails that have popped up in a neighboring 1,900-acre plot adjacent to the school.


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