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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inspired to Ride by Mike Dion | Kickstarter @goodlifecyclist

The World Premiere for ‘Inspired to Ride’ is set for April 11th, 2015 in Denver Colorado and we want you there no matter where you are in the world.
We've created a fun-filled day with lots of cycling goodness and by taking part in this campaign on Kickstarter you're helping make this World Premiere Event possible. 
There are two ways you can be a part of this:
  • Get to Denver Colorado and sit yourself down in one of only 350 seats.
  • Turn on your computer and watch the event via live-streaming.
This gathering of bike-minded people is going to be one hell of a good-time and we want you to be here with us whether you live in South Dakota, South Africa or the South Bronx.

This special day will be an occasion to celebrate ultra-endurance racing, bikepacking and the people who say yes to adventures by bicycle. In addition to premiering a movie, we’ve also invited some of the top names in endurance cycling to present personalized workshops on topics surrounding gear, strategies and tips & tricks hard-earned during wins at races like the Tour Divide, Trans Am, Colorado Trail, 'Iditabike' and more…

We're bringing in Mike Hall from the UK, Juliana Buhring from Italy, the film crew and other athletes who raced the inaugural Trans Am Bike Race and appear in this film.
Mike Hall's accomplishments are incredible: Trans Am 2014 win (spoiler alert), Tour Divide 2013 win, World Cycle 2012 record breaker.
Juliana Buhring's short cycling career is equally inspiring: Trans Am 2014 women's winner and 5th overall, Transcontinental 2013 only woman to attempt and 9th overall, World Cycle 2012 women's world record holder - 18,000 miles in 152 days.
Also invited to present at this World Premiere Event will be Tracey Petervary (Iditabike, Tour Divide), Jefe Branham (Tour Divide, Colorado Trail Race) Neil Beltchenko (Colorado Trail Race), Billy Rice (Tour Divide, Trans Am)


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